TBJZL’s Rugby Drop Kick Challenge vs Lawrence Dallaglio | Rule’m Sports

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Tobjizzle is re-joined by England Rugby Legend Lawrence Dallaglio to nail the drop kick!
Thanks to Samsung for supporting this video and a special thank you to Lawrence Dallaglio for being such a top coach!

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WARNING: The following video features stunts performed either by professionals or under the supervision of professionals and was filmed in a safe, controlled environment. Accordingly, you must not attempt to re-create or re-enact any stunt or activity performed on this video. Endemol and its producers are not responsible for any injuries you sustain as a result of trying any such stunt or activity.

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Angus Owens says:

Out of every player. Dont get me wrong he was a class forward. But you need a fly half or an actual kicker for this

Awen says:

They were at my rugby team's ground!

Max Maidwell says:

what does being a fifa youtuber have to do with being good at kicking .

Tom Greenshields says:

As an Australian I died when he said the drop goal won a few historic games
RWC03 England vs Australia

Davibry says:

Lawerence is much better at kicking than parisse…

L Ken says:

I played as Fly Half in rugby and found the spiral kick to much more effective for getting distance for a penalty/clearance kick, a bit harder but more effective I'd say, anyone feel the same?

MadynX YT says:

Isn't it supposed to be ksi

brandon lee weston says:

i met Lawrence dallaglio in london at a rugby tournament got signed t shirt

Anas Farhan says:

RIP Jonah Lomu 😔

Lucio Baxter says:

3:55 when +TBJZL 's face popped up, I just died laughing. His face…

Frand Yellow says:

this guy looks like Johnny sins

thomas hancock says:

Obviously the British would teach them drop kick

Or Nah says:

Dallaglio Legend!

Lakhan Narwani says:

boring jzl!!!! that's why ksi's being in it is more entertaining

Alex Lacko says:

🙁 I live in Australia and AFL( aussie rules ) is finished for the next 6 months

Frank Escorihuela says:

he's come to my school in shanghai for the rugby world cup trophy

T.J Staunton says:

Should have gotten an Aussie to teach you haha 😜

Ben Nurse says:

I rate dallaglio for this

shazomar1 says:

Toby looks like a baby compared to him

Trinity vlogs says:

Has jj given up or something

harper productions says:

This was at my rugby club !!

Truemanator23 says:

Do some afl stuff

Andreas Sotiri says:

He signed my phone

Owen Conner says:

Tbh I think Tobi is too serious, this channel is more for entertainment than learning which is why jj suits it

NJDeLiseo7 says:

Love rugby league

SneakyBrownBags says:

LOL they weren't even drop kicks they were punts. XD thumbs up for effort

hank de stratenmaken says:

Checkout my freekicks

Fresh Nutz says:

You should get Manu Tuilagi!

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