Rugby Referees Compilation #4 – Referee Rumble

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Being a rugby referee isn’t always plain sailing…

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Glating says:

On voit quand même une forme de respect de l'arbitre qu'on ne voit nul part ailleurs 😮

Epple Bradley says:

Great stuff, the last one was awful mind poor bastard right in the head BANG!

Patrick McReary says:

last one is brutal

Niall Mcgregor says:

Last one the best🤕

Upward Gaming says:

Shows how much the players have for refs in this game especially the one where the streaker came on the number 7? I think straight in to get the guy off the ref no hesitation and the ones where they take a hit player straight away check if there ok

Conor Buckman says:

At least in this sport it's shown that the players have respect for the ref if they take a big hit with actually checking if he's ok
looks at football in disdain

OGmaXou says:

Hilarious !

Ola Sundell says:

This one is almost too horrific to add to the collection, but still:

mr35world mer says:

that last one.. with Tony Caroll..i was at that game..remembered it clearly…It was awesome…but poor ol ref

DrMmmPie says:

That last one, Ouchy.

Gerhard Engelke says:

Great video 👍

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